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Designed to offer everything we dreamed of in a cryptocurrency. One click CPU mining right from the wallet using common hardware. POS interest payouts on coins every few minutes even if the wallet is locked and offline. Increased interest payouts when you term deposit and lock coins for 2 days up to 1 year.

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ROI offers unique features!

Learn about this amazing triple hybrid.

CPU only mining.

Forget about costly & complex ASIC & GPU mining & start CPU mining with an ordinary computer. It’s quick, easy & most importantly within reach of everyone!

POS interest payout.

Proof of staking interest payouts on coins occur every few minutes. Best of all, you don’t have to compete with others or leave your wallet unlocked & running!

Term deposit interest payout.

Create term deposits to receive much higher interest payouts. Simply choose how many coins & how long to deposit them. This is a very rare & valuable feature!

An aggressive strategy that is designed to maintain a forward and upward momentum for our community.


Best in class development.

We are continually focused on the needs and concerns of our community and always resolve every issue promptly.

Marketing videos that are designed to help the coin prosper.


What Do The Interest Gains Look Like?

  • Standard APR 15 %

    Paid out every few minutes without fail. Do nothing & gain more coins.

  • 1 Month Deposit 4%

    Deposit 1,000 coins for 30 days and you’ll end up with 1,040 coins.

  • 3 Month Deposit 33%

    Deposit 1,000 coins for 90 days and you’ll end up with 1,330 coins.

  • 6 Month Deposit 93%

    Deposit 1,000 coins for 180 days and you’ll end up with 1,930 coins.

  • 9 Month Deposit 227%

    Deposit 1,000 coins for 270 days and you’ll end up with 2,270 coins.

  • 1 Year Deposit 593%

    Deposit 1,000 coins for 365 days and you’ll end up with 5,930 coins.

Finally a crypto-currency for the masses that is simple and easy to use.

We have worked hard to provide you with a non-technical altcoin and award winning support.


What are you waiting for?


ROI coin is marching around the globe!

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