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BitConnect is a highly unique coin and with a innovative growth strategy by using a Trade Bot to earn account holders and the company, a very nice profit.  This Trading Bot is nothing new to the financial services markets.  Wall Street uses them for high frequency trading, retail FOREX traders use EAs (Expert Advisors) for automated trading based on trading strategy and signals received as to whether or not to take a trade.

BitConnect makes no promises that you are going to make a profit everyday or any day, with the exception of the tiered daily interest based on your Lending Amount that is paid out of your BitConnect Wallet.

Lending amount            Interest (Accrued daily)                                Capital release

$100 - $1000               Volatility software interest  0                         After 299 days
$1010 - $5000             Volatility software interest + 0.10 % daily       After 239 days
$5010 - $10,000          Volatility software interest + 0.20 % daily       After 179 days
$10,010 - $100,000     Volatility software interest + 0.25 % daily       After 120 days

The earning interest on BitConnect lending float over the time and is exclusively decided by the volatility software and BitConnect Trading Bot.

To maximize earnings, rather than “Reinvest” that days earnings, I would transfer the funds to my BitConnect wallet.  When that balance was enough to buy more than 0.005 BTC, I would then exchange into my Bitcoin Wallet, all on the same site.

This has the advantage of accumulating your daily earnings as well as letting the bull market further add value to your BitConnect and Bitcoin Wallets.  I do not waste my time, trying to time the highs and lows.  However, I would wait until BTC at least reached its previous high, before buying back into BCC to then Lend the Trading Bot.  So a little luck and timing, but the key is repetition, building up your BTC wallet, letting the market take you higher.  Then coming back in at the higher lending tiers for the +0.10 or 0.20% daily rates.

I started my trading account with a meager $400, though you can start as low as $100.  Since that time, I have been very impressed with the rate of growth.  I had thrown in some more BTC as I could mine it, fractions at a time... and used the above strategy to exponentially increase my Active Investment balance.

There are those out there that claim BCC is a ponzy or some sort of scheme.  I have often asked for references or resources that would indicate such, with no reply.  While I cannot say without a doubt, the BitConnect Trading Bot is not a scheme.  I can say, there has been nothing in their business model to make me think there is any funny business.  Awhile back when there was a security issue, they were quick to respond and had the operations back up and running in short time.  They are a very unique coin in this way, that they are making money off of your Lending Balance, and generously rewarding you for it.

In short, if their Trading Bot has a bad day, you might get nothing, on a great day, it feels like Christmas.  In general, you are pleased with the average days.  If you are Lending at much higher levels than I am currently, everyday is Christmas.

Feel free to ask questions about BitConnect.  There are a number of members on this site who are actively earning from the crypto market this way, in much larger numbers.

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