Planning a large convention or other major event is more difficult than planning a small celebration.


rewarding profession

Event planning can be a rewarding profession that allows you to meet interesting clients and enjoy an exciting job. From college reunions to corporate conferences and seminars, there are plenty of opportunities for event planners.


Regardless of the type of event you plan to plan, event planning courses teach you the skills and industry knowledge necessary for success.


You will learn how to plan and coordinate every aspect of an event, from the small details to the big details.


Earning a certification as an event planner requires completing an online course and taking an exam to achieve certification.

CSEP program

The CSEP program requires candidates to have three years of full-time experience in the events industry.



There are two types of certifications for event planners. The CSEP and the CPE both focus on special events and can help you build your expertise in both.  If you are looking for an exclusive event venue, Park Slope, Brooklyn has plenty to offer. 



The exam includes 115 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in two and a half hours. The courses vary in length and cost, but many are offered throughout the year.  You can rent a space for a single day, a few weeks, or months. 

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When you work as an event planner, you will work long hours. This includes working on weekends and holidays. The job can be stressful and may require travel. Many venues in the neighborhood have a unique character and a mix of spacious and comfortable spaces. For more information, check out the venue listings on Storefront.

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In addition to obtaining a certificate, event planners can learn how to effectively create events in a digital world. For example, it is important for event planners to learn how to analyze event data to improve their events.

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long hours

While working long hours is a common part of being an event planner, it does require passion and a lot of patience. As an event planner, you will work in various locations, for different clients, and for varying lengths of time.

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work creatively

However, if you like to work creatively, you will enjoy the flexible hours and the ability to work whenever you want. This will allow you to spend more time with your family or friends. You will need to maintain your enthusiasm to be successful.

Organization Skills

Being a planner requires good organization skills. You will need to stay on track of details and plan events that run smoothly. You will also need to be detail-oriented, especially if you plan to take on corporate events. An event planner will have a packed schedule and often have to work overtime in order to meet deadlines. If you enjoy working with people, you should consider becoming an event planner. You can help make a client’s dreams come true by planning a special event. By becoming an event planner, you will also gain valuable skills that can transfer into other fields. 

Communicate Effectively

You will need to be able to communicate effectively with clients and suppliers, manage budgets, and negotiate prices. Some jobs even allow you to travel. You can become a certified event planner by completing an event planning certification. These certifications are recognized worldwide and will enhance your skills while building your resume. Event planning on a large scale can be complex, so it’s important to be able to solve problems quickly. Being a certified event planner will make you stand out from the crowd.

Working long hours