Planning a large convention or other major event is more difficult than planning a small celebration.

Job duties


You can also take voluntary certifications to enhance your credentials. For instance, you can earn a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification from the Events Industry Council. This certification is offered to those who have experience in planning meetings and conferences.


In order to become certified, you must have three years of experience in event planning, and pass an exam.


An event planner's job includes organizing and managing large teams, including vendors, suppliers, and staff.


They also coordinate set-up and tear-down operations, as well as coordination with sponsors and participants.


Event planners must have good organizational skills, as well as the ability to delegate tasks.


supervising events

In addition to planning and supervising events, event planners also arrange transportation and hotel accommodations for their clients.



They also contact vendors and venue managers to determine pricing, which can vary from estimate to actual cost. Additionally, event planners should be honest about their skill level and any previous experience they have.

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research locations

They must be able to research locations, solicit bids, and work with vendors. They may also be responsible for conducting post-event surveys to gather feedback.

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An event planner’s job description should include background information, including education, experience, and years of work.

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The job description should highlight previous experience outside the industry, as well as membership in events associations.

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A job description for an event planner should be as detailed as possible so that it will attract the best applicants.


An event planner’s job description should clearly state what they do, who they supervise, and how they measure success. It should also state what training is provided and whether the event planner will need to learn new software or work with team members. An event planner’s initial proposal should list details about the event, including venue, timings, and running order. It should also include a creative concept and ideas for invitations, entertainment, decor, and marketing materials. The initial proposal should also have a timeline of the event.


As an event planner, earning a certification can help you get noticed and land more business. It also positions you as a knowledgeable professional with a strong commitment to the industry. Whether it’s through a self-paced online course or a formal certification process at a local college, a certification will help you position yourself for future success. Furthermore, earning a certification will help you network and meet challenges you may encounter on the job. They may give a client a flat price, or a price based on the event’s location, menu, and other specifics.

How to Become an Event Planner