1-Click GUI Miner

1-Click GUI Miner

This is the 1-click GUI miner which will get you mining quickly to the pools. Make sure you have your wallet to save the mined coins to. Join our Discord if you need help HERE.

1-Click GUI Miner

Mining Pools


The SuprNova pool has earned an impeccable reputation with the community. This MPOS powered mining pool provides a reliable platform coupled with quick payouts on CPU mined ROI coins..

SuprNova Mining Pool


The Rplant pool has stood the test of time and has a vibrant community. This crypto mining pool provides a payout every hour on the hour and charges a very reasonable 1% fee.

Rplant Mining Pool


The Coinspool pool is ran by an active member of the ROI Coin community. This crypto mining pool provides user friendly mining with a 1% usage fee.

Coinspool Mining Pool