About ROI Coin

What is ROI Coin?

After buying, selling, mining and staking more than three dozen altcoins it became clear that many coins had some great features but no single coin had everything. ROI Coin is essentially a coin that combines all the very best features of many great coins into one single coin.

While most cryptocurrencies focus on and revolve around the coin itself ROI Coin is different. The focus of ROI Coin is the community and the coin revolves around the people that support it. This means that the coin has ears to listen to the consensus of the community and as it moves forward it will change and evolve based on the input of its supporters.

ROI Coin has a website that is community centered as well as social media pages at Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. ROI Coin will benefit from a variety of videos that will be for marketing as well as training for those who need learning support. ROI Coin will also benefit from a professional and constant marketing push that will include YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads and banner/display ads on various websites.

You have many options and excellent opportunities to get involved with and benefit from supporting ROI Coin. You can mine, stake, term-deposit, buy, sell and speculate on future value increases. Beyond that, you can also benefit by participating in our online community where you can discuss and learn about ROI Coin as well as other topics of interest in the Bitcoin-altcoin world.

ROI Coin Specifications

1 Week Term Deposit 2.10%
2 Week Term Deposit 4.30%
1 Month Term Deposit 9.60%
3 Month Term Deposit 33.10%
6 Month Term Deposit 92.90%
12 Month Term Deposit 593.30%

Note: Term deposited coins are locked and cannot be moved or spent.

ROI Coin Exchanges