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SpecialK Jan 31 '18
Hello,  I am confused about what address to use for long term deposit growth?  As a side note  How do I find my own wallet keys?  I can see the receiving address option, but those seem temporary. 

ROIcoin Jan 31 '18
If you want to make a term deposit just create a receiving address and use that receiving address to create the term deposit. Basically with a term deposit your are sending coins to yourself.

To get your private wallet keys click help then click debug window then click the console tab. In the console type this command: dumpprivkey Put-A-Wallet-Address-Here

Hit enter and the console will show you the private key. Keep in mind there may be more than one private key so you may need to repeat this step with your other addresses.

SpecialK Feb 1 '18
Fantastic.  Thank you.