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dartec Apr 7 '18
Hi All,

If I want to create multiple deposits, do I need to create an address for each deposit, or can I just create one address and send all my deposits to that address?

So, say I want to create a new deposit each week, can I send every week's deposit to the same address?

Or, what is best practice?


Thank you.

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dartec Apr 11 '18
How are others doing their deposits?
ROIcoin Apr 11 '18
Dartec, you can create a different address for each deposit or you can send them all to just one deposit. I have my own method and for a reason. When a term deposit unlocks you have to open coin control and find it and then send it back to yourself so that it can start staking again. If you have a lot of entries in coin control it can be difficult to find it. To help me find my term deposits in coin control more easily I create a new address for each deposit and I label it very specific like this: Term Deposit 4-11-2018 500 Coins 30 Days... Now this way when that deposit matures it is very easy to locate it.