Why should I care about ROI Coin?

ROI coin offers you a very simple and easy way to mine and stake.

How do I get started with ROI Coin?

Visit and select and download the wallet for your operating system. After that just synchronize the blockchain and begin mining, staking and/or term-depositing.

How does ROI coin pay interest on my coins?

Any coins that you have sitting in your wallet will automatically generate about 15% newly minted coins per year. The coins are added immediately and continuously. No minimum balance is required, and your wallet does not have to stay online or be unlocked to generate coins.

How does ROI coin pay interest on term-deposits?

When you term-deposit coins you first decide how long you want them to be locked. This can be a few days, a week, a month, months, a year etc. While the coins are term-deposited you cannot use or spend them. By term-depositing the coins you gain a much higher interest payout of approximately 9.60% per month. The longer the term deposit the higher the staking reward is.

Does my wallet have to stay running 24/7 to earn interest on non-term-deposit coins and term-deposit coins?

No and if your wallet is offline once you bring it back online all the appropriate interest payouts will be added. Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to keep the wallet running and online as much as possible. This will help to support the network of the coin and will help and improve the quality of the coin. This in turn helps the coin to thrive and be have a stable network.

Who is behind ROI coin?

ROI Coin has a founder/developer that is a software engineering that also has extensive experience in enterprise level digital marketing.

ROI Coin has a lead programmer that also has extensive experience in hardware and network administration.

ROI Coin has a developer with extensive experience in systems integration, building VMware appliances, product evals, linux (CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian OS), and also has previous experience and excellent track record contributing to dev work on Hodlcoin and EuropeCoin.

ROI Coin has a dedicated investor that has provided tens of thousands of dollars initially to cover expenses for development, exchange listings and marketing.

ROI Coin has a digital marketing manager that is a Google Certified Partner as well as an Accredited Bing Ads Webmaster with additional expertise in social media management/marketing, pay per click marketing, email marketing, display ads marketing and 3D video production and marketing.

ROI Coin has a social media manager with expertise in branding and social media management and marketing at all the popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.

ROI Coin has a content developer that is well versed in creative writing, blogging and graphics.

ROI Coin has a customer service manager that is fluent in 5 languages and all types of online and telephone customer support.

As the needs dictate more people will be added to the current ROI team going forward.

If I have questions or need help where can I go for learning and support?

You have many options here which include:

Where is the ROI Coin development team located?

United States

What are the ROI Coin specifications?

  • Exchange Ticker: ROI
  • Algorithm: 1 GB AES Pattern Search – CPU Only Asic/GPU Resistant
  • Block Size: 1 MB
  • Max Transaction Size: 250 KB
  • Block Confirmations Required: 360
  • Block Timing: 2 minutes
  • Block POW Mining Reward: 120 ROI Coins (no halving)
  • Standard POS Reward: Approximately 15% APR
  • Standard Term Deposit Reward: (2 days up to 1 year)
  • 1 Week Term Deposit 2.10%
  • 2 Week Term Deposit 4.30%
  • 1 Month Term Deposit 9.60%
  • 3 Month Term Deposit 33.10%
  • 6 Month Term Deposit 92.90%
  • 12 Month Term Deposit 593.30%

Note: Term deposited coins are locked and cannot be moved or spent.

What are some cool features of ROI Coin?

  • CPU only mining that is GPU and Asics resistant to favor consumer grade computers
  • Reasonable 15% APR gains on any coins sitting in the wallet
  • Exceptional 9.60% monthly gains on any coins that are term-deposited and locked
  • Wallet available for Windows 64 bit, MAC and Linux
  • One mouse click mining right from the wallet
  • Fast network transaction processing
  • Automatic peer connecting to synchronize the wallet
  • Wallet displays detailed information on term-deposited coins
  • Wallet has built in encryption capability
  • Wallet has built in backup capability
  • Wallet debug window contains blockchain, network traffic and peers info and console
  • MIDAS implementation for enhanced blockchain security

What is the importance of mining ROI Coin?

ROI Coin is specifically designed for mining simplicity with a common computer. By mining this coin you can gain a collection of coins without having to buy them.

What is the importance of staking ROI Coin?

Staking means that you have coins laying in your wallet and those coins earn an interest payout and increase in quantity. In other words, if you had 1000 coins in your wallet - thirty days later you would have approximately 1,012 coins. Staking is a way for you to continually increase your quantity of coins.

What is the importance of term-depositing ROI Coin?

Term-depositing means that you lock coins in your wallet for some length of time that you choose. This could be a few days, a week, a month, months, a year, etc. The term-deposited coins cannot be spent or used while they are locked and during the lock period they gain increased interest rates such as:

1 Week Term Deposit 2.10%
2 Week Term Deposit 4.30%
1 Month Term Deposit 9.60%
3 Month Term Deposit 33.10%
6 Month Term Deposit 92.90%
12 Month Term Deposit 593.80%

In other words, if you have coins term-deposited in your wallet you can boost your coin generation and the longer you term deposit them the higher the staking amounts are. Term-depositing is a way for you to get even more increases to your coin balance.

How can I get ROI Coin and how can I get rid of it?

You can get ROI coin by buying it at an exchange or by mining it or by selling merchandise and/or services at our community marketplace. You can get rid of ROI coin by selling it at an exchange or by using it to buy merchandise and/or services at our community marketplace.

If my hashing power is low can i pool mine ROI Coin?

Yes you can.

Visit Optiminer Pool at

Or visit SuperNova Pool at

What is the total supply of ROI coins?

Total supply of coins is impossible to calculate due to unknown variables like how many people term deposit, how long they term deposit etc. We do not attempt to control how much any miner or user stakes. That is totally up to them. In the future and as deemed necessary POS and Term Deposit rates will be adjusted as needed to prevent any type of inflation issues. Read More.