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Warning: You do not need to install this update if your blockchain height matches our blockexplorer.

This hotfix addresses a windows bug with fee calculation precision quirks. This fix was already part of our upcoming v1.2.0 release.

If you are a Windows user please download and update immediately. For your convenience we have included exhaustive directions in both Word document and PDF format. If you are a non Windows user and happen to be impacted by these events please submit the details of your issue at

ROI coin Wallet For Windows 64 Bit

MD5 ( = DF3B9C2A2F3565BEAAB6CEC327A8A5F8

ROI coin Wallet For MAC OSX

MD5 (ROIcoin-qt_osx_v1130.dmg) = 9CA84AF82CADBF9B2B918066348A341D

ROI coin Wallet For Linux

MD5 (ROIcoin- = B3A77C8EA98CCB96EBA5376A85BF1D0D

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