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Whenever a new version is released we announce it at all of our social channels.
Once you become aware you can download it here or if you prefer you can download it at Github.
If you run into any problems the fastest way for you to get support is to submit the details of your issue HERE.

ROI coin version

Release Notes

This release contains the following bugfixes:

  • CRITICAL: Emergency fix for windows wallets stuck on block 143707
  • FIX: for issue #58 reported by Cryptohub exchange and fixed by FreeTrade.
  • FIX: encrypted wallet are now able to sign messages.
  • FIX: seeds list was adjusted.
  • Additional logging was added to troubleshoot issue #65

All windows users are advised to upgrade to v1.1.7 , a bug prevented windows wallets from
syncing passed block 143707 . To resolve this issue you need to execute the following steps:

  • First upgrade to ROIcoin v1.1.7 ( simply use the new QT binary )
  • Delete the peers.dat in the %APPDATA%/Roaming/ROIcoin folder ( same folder as wallet.dat )
  • Start the wallet and go to the Debug console and type:

invalidateblock 0000005ab0b3f50e92b6803d3236b310d6db26930f52b3b010ed937685fb2ce4
reconsiderblock 0000005ab0b3f50e92b6803d3236b310d6db26930f52b3b010ed937685fb2ce4

You should now see your wallet sync to same height as the block explorer.
Note: you may need to do an additional restart to fully sync with the block explorer.

MD5 Signatures:

ee5c0a2c5b6e9bf25be012016833235b ROIcoin-qt_x64-v1170.exe
6fbeab7bbc1d62524f9803973b308cde ROIcoin-1.1.7-osx.dmg
0d6071d0592305ccf3eff4a0b6ac7928 ROIcoin-1.1.7-win64-setup.exe
4316881d28c54bd04b9fd3d36c5a4de7 ROIcoin-1.1.7-linux64.tgz

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