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Whenever a new version is released we announce it at all of our social channels.
Once you become aware you can download it here or if you prefer you can download it at Github.
If you run into any problems the fastest way for you to get support is to submit the details of your issue HERE.

ROI coin version

Release Notes

Since the availability of ROIcoin v1.1.5 , we have experienced an unexpected fork again. This release is an emergency mandatory upgrade for all users ! it contains a fix that takes immediate effect against the fork type we have seen so far.

This release overwrites all previous release, there will be a hard fork at block 75100 , at which
point all older releases <1.1.6 will be rejected and considered as obsolete.

As soon as you have upgraded, wait for your wallet to fully sync, if the block height does not match our block explorer then you are on the wrong chain, I am providing a bootstrap file to resync in case you need it.

To verify your wallet against the official block explorer please use the links below:

Block Explorer 1
Block Explorer 2

Procedure to resync the blockchain:

Backup your wallet.dat , remove your blocks and chainstate subfolder from %APPDATA%/Roicoin folder and start ROIcoin-qt with the -loadblock=bootstrap-432018.dat flag. You can reach us on slack or discord if you need help.

MD5 Signatures:

96f0ea2b1809f82963f4aed60dd3079f ROIcoin-1.1.6-win64-setup.exe
1657fd0d0d7864f2061058203451058b ROIcoin-qt_x64_v1160.exe
d86e4b204eed94f3e5a28fd43682a595 ROIcoin-1.1.6-linux64.tgz
a5ea779ab28db780ff71115fa15aa377 ROIcoin-1.1.6-osx.dmg

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