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Whenever a new version is released we announce it at all of our social channels.
Once you become aware you can download it here or if you prefer you can download it at Github.
If you run into any problems the fastest way for you to get support is to submit the details of your issue HERE.

ROI coin version

Release Notes

This release contains the following:

  • NEW: Updated splash screen with new tagline
  • NEW: Links navigation menu for website, blockexplorer(s), paper wallet, github, white paper and road map
  • NEW: Social navigation menu for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Reddit, Telegram Group and Telegram Announcements
  • FIX: Misc. minor bug fixes

This release adds new functionality to the wallet to aid users in quickly finding all our important internet links and social media platforms.

Note: v1.2.0.0 is not a mandatory release and is backwards compatible with v1.1.7.0

MD5 Signatures:

ad8b0f1bcd7cba7bec4fdfd2d562d601 ROIcoin-qt_x64-v1200.exe
3dc0575d323c40b821a7559a7566b6e6 ROIcoin-1.2.0-osx.dmg
1b3078caa4cad14ab433ec2e6d20bff0 ROIcoin-1.2.0-win64-setup.exe
7187b16d3ee87adabe43fcfae8fb5616 ROIcoin-1.2.0-ubuntu16.tgz
540b6066cdf4ee86fa67612700195866 ROIcoin-1.2.0-ubuntu17.tgz

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