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You are working hard to create and promote a successful cryptocurrency when you suddenly realize that you have some willing buyers that for whatever reason are not able to download-install-run your altcoin wallet. You also determine that you have yet other potential investors that are looking for a more secure way to store their coins. What is the solution?

The best solution is to provide them with a paper wallet option. By offering a paper wallet you can give your users additional options for securely storing their coins. The paper wallet creates a printable document which contains both the public and private keys and can be stored securely in a safe or other secure location.

The paper wallet offers some impressive features such as QR code integration, single wallet-single address and bulk wallet-multi addresses. It also features being translated into English, Spanish, French and Russian!

If you are looking for a professional cryptocurrency development team to create your paper wallet generator we are up to the task! We offer competitive prices along with quick turn around times. Past that, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you will receive a fast response for any support issues that may arise.

Altcoin Paper Wallet Creation Service Details

  • Paper wallet source code based on
  • We will provide a complete working paper wallet branded for your altcoin
  • Paper wallet generator will include language support for English, Spanish, French and Russian
  • Paper wallet generator will include single wallet and bulk wallet functionality
  • We will provide preliminary testing to check the functionality of the paper wallet
  • You will be responsible to provide the required logo and printable branded graphics
  • You will be responsible to provide for the domain name and web hosting
  • If you need additional or custom functionality please contact us to discuss those needs.

Notes: This offer does not include any support for members of your community that use the paper wallet generator. This offer does not include any required updates due to changes to the logo or public/private key formats.

Price and payment terms:

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to decline any project. All listed prices are subject to a complete review of your specific project and associated details.

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