Altcoin QT Wallet Compiling Service

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One mark of a successful altcoin is having stable QT wallets available for all of the major operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS X and Linux. Additionally, it’s always a great benefit to the community when changes to the code base are required that the new wallet versions are released as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a professional cryptocurrency development team to reliably compile your source code we are up to the task! We offer competitive prices along with quick turn around times. Past that, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you will receive a fast response for any support issues that may arise.

Altcoin QT Wallet Compiling Details

  • This service includes compiling a working binary for Windows 64 Bit, MAC OS X and Linux
  • We will provide a MD5 hash so that downloads can be verified for authenticity
  • You will be responsible to provide us with the proper binary names
  • You will be responsible to provide us with a readily compile-able code base
  • If you need additional or custom compiling contact us to discuss those needs.

Notes: This offer does not include any test net or beta testing of the compiled source code. This offer does not included any diagnostics or code modifications which may be needed to get a clean compile and/or a stable working binary.

Price and payment terms:

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to decline any project. All listed prices are subject to a complete review of your specific project and associated details.

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