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The last thing you ever want to do is release cryptocurrency code updates and new wallet releases that contain bugs and/or flaws. When you do this your unsuspecting community will quickly discover the problems. While they complain and flood you with support requests you will be scrambling to do damage control by diagnosing and correcting the problem

Do yourself and your altcoin users a huge favor by thoroughly testing everything prior to official release. The best way to do this is by making use of the testnet feature built into the code. This will allow you to spend some time making sure that everything is okay without causing any impact to the main production blockchain.

If you are looking for a professional cryptocurrency development team to setup your altcoin testnet environment we are up to the task! We offer competitive prices along with quick turn around times. Past that, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you will receive a fast response for any support issues that may arise.

Altcoin Testnet Service Details

  • Length of term is 60 days
  • We will provide the web server hosting and DNS/IP records
  • We will take care of all setup tasks to get the testnet up and running
  • We will respond to and take care of your support issues if there is a problem with the testnet
  • If you have to make code changes we will update the testnet for you
  • You will be responsible to provide us with a readily compile-able code base
  • You will be responsible to connect to the testnet and do your own testing procedures
  • If you need additional or custom items please contact us to discuss those needs.

Notes: This offer limits the total data size of the blockchain and wallet to a maximum of 20 GB. This offer limits the total maximum amount of memory required to 1 GB. This offer limits the total monthly bandwidth usage to 1TB. If your source code does not contain a genesis block for testnet we can provide that service at your request for an additional fee.

Price and payment terms:

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to decline any project. All listed prices are subject to a complete review of your specific project and associated details.

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